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This weekend we're back outside in the city!

Sunday, 28th's weather is supposed to be great!  Join us at New York Popup's Meatpacking Market, 9th Ave (Between 14th & 15th St)

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Pound Cakes All Done In Bundt Style

Pound cakes are not as flashy as most treats, but one baked like mom or grandma's is always just right. Your first bite of this decadent, sweet, Southern style goodness will take you back to the past.  Back when sweets were simple, and every meal was cooked with love.  If you've got a special event, workplace activity, or just want to treat yourself to something different, count on us to deliver the goods.

We don't load our beautiful cakes with icings either.  Local NYC customers can instead order our Cream Cheese Icings called "Schmears," in some of the tastiest flavors we can make.  They take the cakes to another level.  Think of them as dips, so be sure to order more than one for yourself.